Sunday, July 24, 2016

Staying Safe when Pipes Burst

Avoid Panicking


While waiting for emergency plumbing help, make sure everyone stays safe. (Photo Credits)

It is easy to panic when pipes burst in a home and suddenly causes water damage.

The first response is usually to call for emergency help from an on call plumber, but what should a homeowner do while waiting for help to arrive?

How can the whole family stay safe while water is flowing?

Northwards Housing gave some safety tips.

“If electric fittings are wet don’t touch them and turn off the electricity at the meter. If any ceilings start to bulge, pierce a small hole to release the water. Remember to put a bucket beneath to catch it.”

Read the rest of the guidelines here.

Why Pipes Freeze and Burst

BBB Northwest says a common reason for busted pipes is freezing.

“Pipes freeze when the temperatures drop too low for water to stay liquid in the pipes, expanding and putting pressure on the walls of a pipe. Bursting occurs when this process of freezing, expansion, and melting weakens pipes over time, often following a complete ice block. The increased pressure between a frozen block and a closed faucet can cause a pipe to burst, a problem that can lead to costly repairs and potentially the replacement of the pipes in your home.”

Check out the rest of the explanation here.

Avoid out of pocket costs

Hadley Insurit Group says to avoid out of pocket costs, property owners should revisit their respective home insurance policies. Plumber near me Escondido  

“Call your insurance agent. Get in touch with your insurance agent to keep them up to date about what is happening. Photographs and notes recording the extent of the damage will help you and your agent when it comes time to file an insurance claim.”

Read the rest of the advice here.

Calling for professional plumbing help is important when it comes to problems about busted pipes.

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