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Plumbing Precautions to Take before going on a Vacation

Vacation Tips

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Plumbing problems can take place anytime. (Photo Credits)

Plumbing problems can occur any time and the worse thing that could happen is for it to take place when the whole family is a plane ride away from home.

High Priority problem shared some sort of a shortlist guide for homeowners who are planning to go on an extended vacation away from their homes. Ace1 Plumbers of Escondido    

“Turn off the water. You are best turning the water for the property off at the water meter. But if you have a sprinkler system or have someone coming to water plants, you will need water turned on for the outside. In this case, turn off the water shut off valve to the house instead of at the meter. Turning off the water will eliminate water going through your lines when no one is home. When there is no water, there are no leaks.”

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Checklist before leaving also has its own share of warnings for property owners.

“Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to check on your house while you’re away. Walking around the house and looking carefully at the foundation is probably enough to detect any problems going on inside your house. Hiding a key somewhere or leaving it with someone might be a good idea. In the event of an emergency, it will make access to your home easier while you are away.”

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More tips

Express Sewer also gave a checklist of what to do before leaving for a holiday break.

“Here are 3 plumbing planning tips to keep your home’s plumbing hassle-free while you’re away this summer. (1) Turn your water off, so if a pipe breaks in your absence, you won’t have a flood or a hefty water bill. (2) Check for leaks; (3) If you have a pool, check the water level; this way, if it rains, your pool won’t overflow.”

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Taking time to ensure that everything is well in terms of home plumbing before leaving for a holiday break can give any homeowner the peace of mind while traveling on vacation.

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